The MCU Just Gave Ultron An Original Captain Marvel Power

In Marvel’s What If…? episode 8, Ultron seemingly gained a Marvel Comics superpower that actually originated with the first Captain Marvel.

Marvel’s What If…? just gave Ultron a Marvel Comics power that originated with the first Captain Marvel: Cosmic Awareness. The ability was one of several new tools that was added to Ultron’s arsenal in the show’s latest episode. Getting Vision’s body and recovering the Infinity Stones from Thanos’ corpse transformed Ultron into the MCU’s most dangerous villain yet.

Though Ultron Vision isn’t the first character to possess a full set of Infinity Stones, he’s clearly a bigger threat than the Mad Titan was in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Thanos’ mission was to eliminate half of all life in the universe, whereas Ultron is determined to eradicate everything. To make matters worse, he isn’t limiting his crusade to just one timeline. Ultron, who has figured out how to use the Stones to travel to different realities at will, has just become a problem for the entire multiverse. The danger he poses was clearly demonstrated in his intense showdown with Uatu the Watcher, which proves that Ultron is now on par with the cosmic entities of the MCU.

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