The new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer will convince you to see this movie

There’s a new trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife that gives away more of the setting and plot than anything we’ve seen to date — and boy, does it look good.

After a year of really weird Americana trailers more reminiscent of Man of Steel than Ghostbusters, it’s nice to see what this movie will actually be about. While early trailers were full of epic music and wide vistas and whispers, this trailer actually has some ghosts! And Annie Potts! And the voice of Dan Aykroyd! This is the first trailer that actually makes the movie feel like a sequel rather than a weird and mopey kid-focused reboot.

Crucially, besides the welcome cameos from the original Janine Melnitz and Ray Stantz, there are a lot of actual ghosts in this trailer for a movie about the busting of ghosts. There are ghosts getting coffee and ghosts fleeing from the Ectomobile and marshmallow ghosts and an entire river of slime that appears to be coursing under some truly Byzantium ruins that echo the biggest set piece from the original film.

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