The One Piece Devil Fruit Too Risque for Manga

While One Piece’s Devil Fruits are known to come in a number of varieties, each imbuing different powers, one fruit proved a little too spicy.

In the world of One Piece, the Devil Fruits are an extremely valuable resource, responsible for giving Luffy his super-stretching powers as well as beefing up more than a few of the Straw Hats’ foes over the years. There’s at least one variety of Devil Fruit, however, that has never appeared in the series, and probably never will.

The Devil Fruits are a mysterious resource in the One Piece universe, and they can be found around the world, despite their extreme rarity. Those who eat a Devil Fruit will gain some kind of special power–it could be something truly amazing, like time travel, or less impressive, like transforming into an axolotl. Such power comes with a downside, though: anyone who’s eaten a Devil Fruit will lose their ability to swim and deal with water, which can be a pretty big problem since the fruits are primarily found at sea. Additionally, anyone who’s consumed one Devil Fruit can never eat another, as this always leads to death.

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