The Reason Marvel Will Never Undo Spider-Man: One More Day is Tragic

Recent Spider-Man stories make it clear that Marvel Comics will never undo the controversial One More Day – for an unfortunate reason.

Recent events have made it abundantly clear that Marvel will never undo Spider-Man’s most controversial story, and the company’s reasons are quite tragic (and predictable). Spider-Man: One More Day is quite the contentious subject among fans for many reasons, and the Marvel faithful have waited years for a writer to “fix” the story, or at least allow Peter to remember his mistakes. Unfortunately, it appears that One More Day is here to stay.

In Amazing Spider-Man #74, written by Nick Spencer, fans were teased with a reversal of One More Day, only to be met with another retcon altogether. Sins Past, itself a controversial story in which Gwen Stacy had a secret affair with Norman Osborn (that even resulted in Gwen giving birth to twins!), was explained away through a combination of Harry Osborn’s machinations and judicious use of cloning technology – by now the bane of Peter Parker’s existence. Erasing Sins Past was a welcome development, but not the one anticipated by fans. Why is Marvel preventing Spider-Man from discovering the truth behind One More Day and his erased marriage? The answer is both simple and frustrating: the existence of Aunt May.

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