Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather Gaming Chair Review: Good Looks, Hard Seat

The Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather has a nice exterior, emphasized by superb stitching and premium upholstery. But it’s too hard and doesn’t have any unique features.

Thermaltake has built a long-standing reputation among PC builders, especially with its cases. The company is also trying its hand at PC-related furniture these days, and the Thermaltake X Fit Real Leather is its second most expensive gaming chair as of writing (topped only by Thermaltake’s CyberChair E500 White Edition). Undoubtedly, the use of real leather, a standout among the sea of PVC and PU faux leather options dominating the market today, adds to the chair’s $580 MSRP. But it takes more than real leather to make one of the best gaming chairs

The X Fit Real Leather is said to support gamers weighing up to 265 pounds, between 5 feet 5 and 6 feet 3 inches tall, and comes with fine detailing reminiscent of the seats in a luxury car. But the X Fit’s fancy exterior is where the excitement ends. Despite a high price tag, the chair does little to differentiate itself from the competition, including cheaper gaming chairs. And I wish the hard foam would conform to my body better. 

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