This Company Uses Recycled Tesla Motors To Bring Old Cars Back To Life

British company is converting classic cars to EVs by using electric motors and batteries from crashed Teslas and other electric vehicles.

With the world slowly shifting towards eco-friendly fuels, a startup in London is converting vintage and classic cars to electric by using recycled Tesla and Nissan motors. It is understood the number of electric cars surpassed ten million by the end of 2020, with China boasting the largest fleet overall. Around three million of these were registered last year alone, with the number expected to increase significantly this year.

Many leading automotive brands are already prepping to go full electric in the coming decade, with some, like Volvo, setting more aggressive targets. The Swedish automaker plans to sell only electric cars from 2030, while Ford, GM, Volkswagen and Stellantis are also aiming to increase their electric fleets significantly by the end of the decade. However, even as newer, greener vehicles make their way to garages, older gas-guzzlers continue to ply on the roads, belching toxic fumes and creating health hazards for millions.

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