Thor Deleted Scene Shows Loki Never Really Expected To Rule Asgard

A surprising deleted scene from Thor changes Loki’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing he never truly expected to rule Asgard.

A Thor deleted scene changes Loki’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing he didn’t necessarily expect to rule Asgard. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is introduced in 2011’s Thor as a conniving trickster lusting for power at all costs. In the film, he pines for the Asgardian throne and schemes to have Thor (Chris Hemsworth) banished from Asgard. His attempt at the throne is later thwarted when Thor returns to Asgard and stops Loki from destroying Jotunheim, the land of the Frost Giants. The film ends with Loki falling off the Rainbow Bridge and being presumed dead before returning as the big bad in The Avengers.

Though Loki is a villain in Thor, he also has the most heartbreaking moment of the movie. After seeing himself turn blue on Jotunheim, Loki confronts Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and learns he’s not an Asgardian. He’s actually the son of Laufey, the Frost Giant leader, and Odin took him in as a baby. Though he grew to love Loki, Odin also hoped the baby would one day help unite the Asgardians with the Frost Giants. Odin’s lie about Loki’s lineage tears the God of Mischief apart, finally explaining why Thor was always the favored son. He berates Odin for hiding the truth, and the Allfather is so overwhelmed that he falls into an unexpected Odinsleep.

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