Tiny 251-Square-Feet Studio Listed at $449,900

Those already stressed about joining the property ladder may want to look away, as a tiny bungalow shows just how high prices are building to.

The Newton, Massachusetts bungalow was built in 1970 and is listed at $449,900, with a pricing of $1,792 per square foot. It has one large room downstairs, with a loft above that’s around knee high and in a “camper-style,” with a skylight. According to Real Estate by, the loft above fits only a mattress—a queen or double, but not a king.

Downstairs hosts a kitchenette with granite countertops and a stainless-steel stove, a renovated bathroom with a tile shower, new lighting and electrics, and a HVAC mini-split system. The property also has a “ready to finish” basement.

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