Trendnet TPL-423E2K powerline extender review

What the Trendnet TPL-423E2K lacks in speed and range it more than makes up with a handy AC passthrough outlet, a useful utility and a class-leading three year warranty. At $70 for the set, the TPL-423E2K is a must-have for those who choose low costs and reliability over all-out performance in powerline devices.

Max Throughput: 47.5Mbps
Performance at 100 feet: 44.0Mbps
Range: 581 feet
Size: 4.7 x 2.3 x 1.5 inches
Three/Two Prong Plug: Three
Ethernet Gigabit Ports: One
Estimated Power Bill: $3.40 per year

If low costs and the peace of mind that comes with a three-year warranty count for more than the top-shelf performance, extra range or the ability to service two networked devices, the Trendnet TPL-423E2K is for you. It may not be perfect but the TPL-423E23K is a bargain that should appeal to networking cheapskates.

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