Tribes Of Midgard Valhalloween Event Brings Character Costumes

Tribes of Midgard will launch the Valhalloween event to celebrate the spooky month of October, introducing character costumes and Festive Challenges.

The mid-saga update has been released for Tribes of Midgard, bringing new content for players to enjoy. This will include the upcoming launch of Valhalloween from October 12 to November 1, introducing pumpkin cosmetics for bases, themed costume options, and new challenges to expand gameplay. Players will be able to battle spooky enemies and combine event content with improvements added during the mid-saga update, offering numerous new ways to explore and enjoy adventures as a powerful Viking Einherjar.

Tribes of Midgard is a Viking survival title with co-op gameplay and procedurally generated worlds. Taking on the role of an Einherjar, players must protect their home base from nightly attacks, scour the world for resources to craft with, and battle powerful enemies. Tribes of Midgard was released during July 2021 and will celebrate its first seasonal event with Valhalloween. Gameplay is designed for any skill level, and Norsefell has worked toward creating a survival experience that is welcoming to new players, making the upcoming event the perfect opportunity for those curious about the game to give it a try.

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