Twilight: Jasper Used His Powers On Alice – Theory Explained

Jasper Hale has some of the most interesting powers in the Twilight universe, which have made some fans wonder if he has been manipulating Alice.

All vampires in Twilight have special powers, which they use on different occasions, either during fights, to help humans and other vampires, or to manipulate others, and a fan theory suggests that Jasper has been using his to control Alice all along. Vampires and werewolves are two of the most beloved creatures in pop culture, and as such, they have been adapted to all types of media, with each author giving them their unique touch, but none can compare to what Stephenie Meyer did in her Twilight series. Formed by four novels, the Twilight series chronicles the romance between vampire Edward Cullen and mortal Bella Swan, who came across different obstacles, such as a pack of werewolves and other vampire covens.

Twilight became a worldwide phenomenon, building a solid fanbase that continues to be active to this day, and who revisit the books and movies quite often. The arrival of The Twilight Saga to the world of streaming has reignited interest in the story of Edward and Bella, but it has also raised some serious questions about the characters, their powers, motivations, and more, making way for some interesting and in some cases alarming fan theories. Among those is one about Jasper Hale’s powers, as some fans believe he has been manipulating his partner, Alice Cullen, for years.

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