Undisputed 5 Should Bring Back Michael Jai White's Boxer Iceman

The Undisputed series has made Scott Adkins’ Boyka into its central character, but Michael Jai White’s Chambers should return in Undisputed 5.

For Boyka’s return to the ring in Undisputed 5, Michael Jai White should also be brought back as George “Iceman” Chambers. The Undisputed martial arts movie franchise first got rolling in 2002, but didn’t really get underway in its current form until the straight-to-video follow-up Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing, in which Michael Jai White took over the role of Chambers from Ving Rhames in the first film. Scott Adkins also debuted as the Yuri Boyka, the self-proclaimed “Most Complete Fighter in the World” who would go onto to become the star of the series with the subsequent entries, Undisputed 3: Redemption and Boyka: Undisputed.

While Adkins’ Boyka has effectively become the main character of the Undisputed series, White’s Chambers is no less of a crucial pillar to the franchise. Beginning as the villain of Undisputed with Rhames’ portrayal, Chambers returned in Undisputed 2 with much the same attitude of bullying aggression and insufferable behavior. With Adkins’ Boyka as a driven and determined (if overzealous) fighter viewers got behind — despite him originally being a villain in the Undisputed series — as Chambers, White pulled off the rare feat of making viewers actively root for the protagonist’s downfall.

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