Venzo cycling shoes review

The Venzo shoes are a pricey but well made pair of indoor cycling shoes.

Among the best indoor cycling shoes, the Venzo cycling shoes are a great option, as they’re lightweight, breathable, and compatible with both Delta and SPD cleats. We rode on our Peloton bike for several weeks, using not just the Venzos, but other cycling shoes, to see how they compared. Be sure to read the rest of our Venzo cycling shoe review to see what we liked and didn’t like.

The Venzo shoes cost $109.99; while they’re a little cheaper than Peloton’s cycling shoes, they’re not as inexpensive as the Shimano RC1 cycling shoes. The Venzos come in many models and colors, and  are compatible with both the Delta and SPD cleats. However, they only come with the Delta cleats, which you must attach yourself.

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