Video Shows Drone Strike on Russian Base That Crippled 2 Nuclear Bombers

An alleged drone attack on a Russian air base Monday appears to have been captured on video, which shows the moment in which two Russian planes capable of carrying nuclear bombs are reportedly destroyed.

Earlier Monday, explosions at two Russian air bases—an airfield near the city of Ryazan, southeast of Moscow, and another base in the Saratov region—were reported. The blast at the Engels base in Saratov, which Radio Free Europe said is about 600 kilometers, or nearly 373 miles, from Ukraine, is the one purportedly pictured in the footage shared Monday on Twitter by the Belarusian news outlet Nexta.

Initially, the video, which appears to have been taken from some type of security camera footage, shows only a lot containing several parked cars. A large flash of light is then momentarily seen in the distance.

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