Walking Dead Secretly Sets Up A Major Maggie vs Daryl Conflict

A subtly hidden detail in The Walking Dead season 11 teases an incoming feud between Maggie and Daryl over the fate of Leah, the Reaper.

Is The Walking Dead teeing-up a bitter feud between Maggie Rhee and Daryl Dixon in season 11? The battle lines have been drawn in The Walking Dead‘s final season, and Maggie’s mission to reclaim Meridian from the Reapers hangs by a thread. The tense trio of Negan, Elijah and Gabriel are all that’s left to help Maggie defeat those who wronged her, with Alden busy whimpering on a church floor, and the remainder of the group who left Alexandria currently in various stages of decay. Daryl, meanwhile, is sitting pretty inside Camp Reaper. The Walking Dead shockingly (to Daryl, if not the audience) revealed Leah as a member of the Reapers following her introduction as Dog’s original owner back in season 10.

Though Daryl has been inducted into the Reaper fold, he’s clearly planning a betrayal down the line – scouting their defenses, warning his allies, and plotting to steal food for Alexandria. More than just finding a way to screw over his hosts, however, Daryl is evidently hoping he can pull Leah away from Pope, bring her home to Alexandria, and pick up where they left off during those romantic early nights in the woods.

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