Watch John Cena as ‘Peacemaker’ in First Look at HBO Max Series

The teaser of the ‘The Suicide Squad’ prequel was screened at an event previewing the streamer’s launch in Europe.

HBO Max is giving fans a first look at Peacemaker, the hotly-anticipated spinoff series to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad reboot, which stars John Cena as the titular “hero,” a psychotic costumed killer with a metal helmet who is convinced he is America’s greatest patriot.

Gunn is directing the Peacemaker series, which picks up at a hospital following the events of The Suicide Squad. Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith (Cena) wakes up only to be told by an orderly that there is no superhero known as the Peacemaker. Jennifer Holland returns as her Suicide Squad character, Emilia Harcourt, with Robert Patrick as Peacemaker’s disapproving father.

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