We Saw Some 'OXENFREE II: Lost Signals' Gameplay, and It Creeped the Heck out of Us

The sequel to the cult hit is cultivating all kinds of vibes.

In 2016, Night School Studio released Oxenfree, a gripping, haunting, and surreal adventure game that felt like the hybrid of Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, and classic LucasArts point-and-click adventures. The game earned massive critical acclaim, becoming a modern cult classic in the process.

Now, six years after this game's original publishing, more time-bending adventures, story-driven explorations, and poignant-but-terrifying interactions are coming your way. Night School Studio and MWM Interactive are bringing you OXENFREE II: Lost Signals in 2022. We here at Collider were lucky enough to see the first preview of gameplay from the anticipated sequel, and frankly, my arm-hairs are still standing on end thinking about it.

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