What If…? Art Sees Paul Bettany As Live-Action Ultron With Infinity Stones

A new piece of What If…? fan art imagines Paul Bettany playing Ultron with the Infinity Stones in a live-action movie taking place within the MCU.

A new piece of What If…? fan art imagines Paul Bettany playing Ultron/Vision with the Infinity Stones in a live-action movie. Based on the comic series of the same name, Marvel Studios’ first animated series on Disney+ explores alternate versions of key events and, in turn, characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The anthology is narrated by Uatu the Watcher (voiced by Jeffrey Wright), a being who’s sworn not to interfere as he watches the Multiverse from afar.

What If…? episode 8, “What If…Ultron Won?,” explores its titular question by revealing an alternate timeline in which Ultron (Ross Marquand) not only acquired what would’ve become Vision’s body (equipped with the Mind Stone) but defeated Earth’s Mightiest Heroes à la Avengers: Age of Ultron. After he eradicates the bulk of the Earth’s population with nuclear warheads, the only heroes who remain are Black Widow and Hawkeye. After making very quick work of Thanos and taking the remaining Infinity Stones, Ultron goes on a rampage throughout the galaxy until achieving “peace.” Miraculously, Ultron then becomes aware of the Watcher himself and the overall multiverse—which does not bode well for any timeline, including the sacred one depicted in the live-action films.

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