What If Episode 9 Trailer Teases Fallout From Episode 8 Watcher Twist

The new trailer for What If…? episode 9, which is also the season 1 finale, hints at the coming fallout of the Watcher breaking his sacred oath.

The trailer for tomorrow’s What If…? episode 9 teases the fallout from last week’s Watcher cliffhanger. Marvel’s latest Disney+ series has been underway since early August, unveiling thrilling new tales from the MCU multiverse each week. Though most of the stories have been standalone adventures, several threads from across the season are being tied together for the final episodes of season 1. It all began with the arrival of Ultron Vision, the season’s final big bad, at the very end of episode 7.

As What If…?‘s penultimate episode then revealed, deep in the multiverse is a world where Ultron came out victorious in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This version of Ultron was further enhanced by the Vision body he created, and then later by the Infinity Stones, which he took from an invading Thanos. Armed with some of the most powerful objects in the MCU, Ultron turned his sights on the multiverse. The Watcher, the omnipotent observer of all things, attempted to stop Ultron himself, but proved to be no match for the Phase 2 villain.

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