What If Might Contradict Loki’s Infinity Stones Revelation

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have had nearly a week to view and brew on the latest episode of Marvel’s What If…?, and a common sticking point remains a conversation across social media nearly a week later. Throughout the episode, Ultron (Ross Marquand) uses a set of the Infinity Stones to not only raze Earth, but travel across the universe and destroy all of life. Once that’s complete, Ultron becomes aware of The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) and eventually becomes able to travel the multiverse.

The only problem there is that Ultron continues to use his Infinity Stones as they hop from universe to universe.

If you think back to Loki, it was revealed very early on that Infinity Stones only mean something in the universe they were created. They only work and have power in the same universe or timeline they were born. Because of that, most versions of the MacGuffins the Time Variance Authority comes across treat the space rocks as paperweights because they’re nothing more than colored rocks elsewhere.

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