What Is a “Command and Control Server” for Malware?

Whether it’s data breaches at Facebook or global ransomware attacks, cybercrime is a big problem. Malware and ransomware are increasingly being used by bad actors to exploit people’s machines without their knowledge for a variety of reasons.

One popular method used by attackers to distribute and control malware is “command and control,” which is also called C2 or C&C. This is when bad actors use a central server to covertly distribute malware to people’s machines, execute commands to the malicious program, and take control of a device.

C&C is an especially insidious method of attack because just one infected computer can take down an entire network. Once the malware executes itself on one machine, the C&C server can command it to duplicate and spread—which can happen easily, because it’s already gotten past the network firewall.

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