What You Should Expect From An M1X MacBook Pro

Apple’s rumored M1X MacBook Pro has big shoes to fill since the 16-inch Intel MacBook Pro has faster graphics and more memory expansion options.

Apple is rumored to have an M1X MacBook Pro nearing release, with the announcement expected to come in October or November. Apple launched the first of its Apple Silicon Mac computers last year using the M1 chip and the next generation of this technology is anticipated to bring even higher performance and support greater memory and storage capacity.

Apple’s M1 chip is more than just a central processor. Known as a system-on-a-chip (SoC), it also takes care of graphics, includes a neural engine for artificial intelligence, bundles memory, and other special functions in a single piece of silicon. This integration provides an inherent boost in speed and efficiency that’s hard to beat. However, when sufficient energy is available, separate components can still overpower Apple’s first-generation chip. For example, a Mac Pro tower can easily outpace a low-power M1 system in heavy processing tasks.

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