When No Time To Die’s Opening Is Set

No Time to Die was the fifth and final film for Daniel Craig’s James Bond. The opening sets up the film, and here’s where it lands on the timeline.

Warning: this post contains some spoilers for No Time to Die.

No Time to Die jumps ahead in time, but when is the opening of the film actually set? No Time to Die ended Daniel Craig’s five-film run as James Bond. It included plenty of action and personal storylines that brought his iteration of 007 to its conclusion. The film’s synopsis suggests Bond has already retired to Jamaica, but it’s not how the story begins.

Interestingly enough, No Time to Die sort of has two openings — one that is set decades prior and follows Madeleine Swann’s run-in with the villain Safin, who appeared at her home to kill her and her mother. The second opening sees Bond and Madeleine in Matera, Italy, with the now-retired 007 going to visit the grave of Vesper Lynd. The couple’s vacation is, as one can expect, short-lived. While the majority of No Time to Die takes place five years after Spectre, the opening is set shortly after the events of the latter film, which saw him driving away with Madeleine after taking down Blofeld.

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