When PS5 Restocks Are Coming To Best Buy Next

The PlayStation 5 is still in high demand this holiday season, and fans are wondering if the console will be available to purchase at Best Buy soon.

As the holidays approach, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals come to a close, PlayStation 5 consoles remain out of stock at most major retailers. While places like Walmart have periodically gotten stock, many fans are still waiting for the opportunity to buy a PlayStation 5. However, news of these restocks is currently hard to come by, and sometimes happens so fast that gamers waiting in a virtual line miss the word of available console altogether. Places like Best Buy have been difficult to get restock information on, and many want to know if there will be consoles in time for the holiday season.

Best Buy had restocks just before Black Friday, but has been lacking in details since then on when potential restocks might happen. Some gamers who have kept a close eye on the listings for PS5 consoles on the Best Buy website have been able to snatch open-box deals that have appeared, but just like new consoles, these returned PS5s are few and far between, not offering gamers a reliable way to potentially grab a console for a holiday gift. Both the PS5 Digital and Standard console editions are currently out of stock, with no open-box options available on the Best Buy website as of today.

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