Where to Find Briar Branches in New World (& What They're For)

Briar Branches in New World are near water and can be harvested for potion materials. They are also part of a quest given by Matthias Cormack.

New World resources can often be hard to come by because all players on the server share the same materials. Certain quests will require players to gather a list of resources, and the rewards are usually worth farming for them. Items like New World‘s Azoth or Briar Branches might be difficult to find, but there are a few specific spots that players will have more luck with.

In New World, Matthias Cormack will give players a quest called a Prickly Request. Cormack is the Barkeep in Windsward, and he will ask players to gather some Briar Branches for him. The branches are harvested from Briars, which are large, thorny bushes that can sometimes blend in with the rest of the greenery in New World. There are specific spots to search for this resource.

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