Why 5G Mobile Internet Might One Day Outstrip Broadband

The average worldwide mobile broadband usage is now well over 10GB per month and climbing. With 5G, it’s set to keep growing.

Thanks to 5G, the pandemic, and internet preferences in developing countries, mobile internet use is growing faster than ever, according to a new Mobility Report from Ericsson. Right now, the US is lagging behind Europe and North East Asia, but by 2026 it will have the biggest share of 5G coverage worldwide. In the end, 5G might be a bigger deal than anyone realizes. 

“On paper, 5G is 100 times faster than 4G. In practice, you probably won’t notice such a stark difference right away,” Andrew Cole of internet and utility comparison service told Lifewire via email. “[But] you’ll be able to receive a stronger signal in parts of your city or town that had unreliable service before, giving you more freedom to roam. 5G could also lead to smaller, lighter, and more advanced wearable devices, from glasses to earbuds, smartwatches, health monitors, and even smart clothing or smart shoes.”

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