Why Apple's iPhone 13 Doesn't Charge As Fast As Android Phones

Apple didn’t give the iPhone 13 the super-fast charging that some Android phones have and Samsung reduced S-series charging speed this year.

Apple has greatly improved the battery life of the iPhone 13 and it charges faster than any iPhone that came before, however, it still can’t compete with the incredible charging rates of some Android phones. There is a fair amount of confusion about whether faster charging is bad for a smartphone, how speed is being measured, and what is the ideal charging rate.

In 2020, Apple stopped bundling a charger with its iPhone. While this initially caused some concern, the fervor died down quickly as other manufacturers followed suit, dropping the charger as standard equipment with the purchase of a new phone. Given that the included 5-watt charger was often replaced with a better model, it isn’t really a loss for most customers and does prevent unnecessary waste. Apple doesn’t share what the maximum charging rate is for its smartphones but it claims the iPhone 13 Pro Max can reach 50 percent charge in around 30 minutes when using a 20-watt adapter which is sold separately.

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