Why Evil Doctor Strange Can Beat Ultron

Even against the near-omnipotent power of the Infinity Stone-wielding Ultron, What If…?’s Evil Doctor Strange could beat the rogue android.

The evil version of Doctor Strange, introduced in Marvel’s What If…? may be one of the few beings who can beat the show’s new version of Ultron. What If…? has, until recently, seemed to be an anthology series, exploring the MCU multiverse and showing how the main timeline could have been different if a single detail changed. Some episodes, like Party Thor’s, were quite lighthearted and comedic, but others, like Killmonger’s and Nick Fury’s, were much darker. One of the most tragic installments of What If…? introduced a new version of Stephen Strange, who lost the woman he loves instead of the use of his hands, leading him down a path to villainy. Despite his personal tragedy, however, it’s this stronger version of Strange that holds the key to beating the Infinity Stone-wielding Ultron.

The eighth episode of What If…? imagines an apocalyptic scenario in which Ultron obtains the Infinity Stones and wipes out life on Earth and everywhere else in his reality. The stones heighten Ultron’s awareness to the point where he can see other realities and The Watcher. In order to thwart Ultron’s quest to destroy all life in the multiverse, the beleaguered Watcher seeks the help of the evil Doctor Strange, trapped in the remnants of his home reality.

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