Why Star Wars: The Clone Wars' True Successor Is Star Wars: Visions

Despite its very different animation style, Star Wars: Visions has the same panoramic perspective and adventurous spirit as The Clone Wars

Star Wars: Visions carries on the tradition of animated Star Wars series breaking new ground created by Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The animated anthology uses a completely different art style and approach than the older CGI-animated series. However, this willingness to experiment and break from tradition is exactly what makes it a truer successor to The Clone Wars than any of the more straightforward CGI follow-ups, most recently The Bad Batch.

Star Wars: Visions is a series of nine shorts created by different Japanese animation studios. The studios were given more or less free rein to create their own stories inspired by the Star Wars mythos. These stories are self-contained and take place outside the main continuity, allowing them to encompass a wide variety of tones and genres, from “The Duel”‘s homage to Star Wars‘ roots in Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies to the more cartoonish rock star story of “Tattooine Rhapsody.”

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