Why Would Anyone Buy Apple’s Expensive MagSafe Battery Pack?

Apple’s new MagSafe battery pack offers a fraction of the capacity of alternatives, while costing at least twice as much. So, why would anyone pay $99 for it?

The new battery pack may be light on capacity, but it’s long on features third-party makers can’t add, thanks to Apple’s exclusive access to the depths of the iPhone’s brain and guts. Add to that the fact that this is a supremely convenient charger, and that MagSafe makes it more future-proof than Apple’s previous efforts, and you may have a winner.

“I guess the big advantage this battery pack has is that it’s a genuine MagSafe charger,” traveling businessman and Filter King-founder Rick Hoskins told Lifewire via email. “From what I can tell, the other battery packs on the market use Qi charging coils. They’re significantly less efficient. The MagSafe battery pack can charge a phone roughly twice as fast. That means less time with your phone attached to a heavy battery pack.”

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