X-Men's Inferno Breaks the Logic of Wolverine's Adamantium

Wolverine’s Adamantium skeleton is one of his trademarks, but there is a serious flaw in its logic, and Inferno #1 calls this out.

Spoilers ahead for Inferno #1!

Inferno, Marvel’s latest X-Men event, is not only ushering in a new era for Krakoa and its denizens, but it also presents a serious flaw in Wolverine being the only mutant with an Adamantium skeleton. Given the advanced technology available to the X-Men, they could give any mutant an Adamantium upgrade but have chosen not to as of yet. Inferno #1 is on sale now in print and digital.

Adamantium is one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe and is bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton courtesy of the Weapon X program. Thanks to his mutant healing factor, the process did not kill him. Other mutants, such as Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike, have Adamantium skeletons as well. Adamantium is not as rare a metal as it once was, and the X-Men even keep a supply on hand to rebind to Wolverine’s skeleton when he dies and is resurrected. But the X-Men’s seemingly endless supply of Adamantium raises a question: why have the X-Men not done this for more mutants already?

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