X-Men's Most Disgusting Villain Was Just Replaced by Something Worse

When Cordyceps Jones’ existence is revealed to the X-Men, they learn the intergalactic gangster has seized control of Mojo’s Mojoverse.

Warning: contains spoilers to X-Men #3!

The X-Men just learned that one of their newest villains has replaced one of their most disgusting and reviled adversaries. After facing a constant gauntlet of powerful new extraterrestrial threats, the newest X-Men learn from the High Evolutionary that the intergalactic gangster Cordyceps Jones is responsible. In a mental conversation with Jean Grey, the High Evolutionary reveals more details about Cordyceps, confirming that he attained his new position by toppling Mojo, the arrogant and psychotic ruler of the television-obsessed Mojoverse.

After creating and maintaining the independent mutant nation of Krakoa, the X-Men changed their place in intergalactic politics by colonizing Mars, now renamed Arakko. With more attention on them than ever before, the new line-up of X-Men have found themselves dealing with new and potentially apocalyptic threats coming from outer space. These events were revealed as nothing but game moves by wealthy extraterrestrials competing to eradicate both humans and mutants in order to win the hopefully still habitable Earth. The game is overseen by Cordyceps Jones, a thousand or more-year-old intelligent space fungus who is both the owner of Gameworld but also a gangster feared throughout the galaxy.

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