Y: The Last Man recap: Karma police

Building a new world requires considerable trust, and in “Weird Al Is Dead,” all of Y: The Last Man's characters grapple with who they want to be, who they can rely on, and where their allegiances lie.

At the Boston security gate that Agent 355 visited in the last episode, a trio of black-clad motorcyclists inquires about Agent 355, whose photo they possess. At a nearby building, Yorick comes upon a candlelit procession of women that leads to an abbey. One participant explains to Yorick that they attend this ceremony each Sunday, singing Radiohead's “Karma Police” a cappella in tribute to the men who died. Yorick says Hero once took him to see Radiohead so he'd understand that there was more to music than just Weird Al Yankovic, to which the woman replies, “Rest in peace, Weird Al.”

Agent 355 and Mann join this ritual. The pursuing agents appear, and the trio flees, albeit not before Agent 355 pickpockets the photo of herself from their commander — thus learning that these spooks are after her. They take refuge in a nearby church, where Yorick demands answers. Agent 355 explains that they were followed from Boston and she has to take these adversaries “off the board” via some Home Alone-style boobytraps. Mann retorts, “This isn't Home Alone. This is Waco.”

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