Yep, Jordan Peele’s next movie is called Nope

Critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele’s next “terror” is officially called Nope, according to a poster the director shared on Thursday. The details of the project remain (delightfully) shrouded in mystery, and you’ll still have a bit longer to wait before you can see it yourself — Nope is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 22nd, 2022.

There’s not a ton to go off of in the poster Peele tweeted, but it does feature an ominous dark cloud with what looks like a kite string trailing out the back of it. Peele’s tease of his last film Us was equally evocative and obtuse, so while there’s probably meaning to be gleaned from a mysterious cloud rolling over a mountain town, it’s also just nice to let the mystery be.


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