Zelda: BOTW's Best Glitches Players Have Discovered So Far

Since the launch of Breath of the Wild, players have discovered new glitches to use that enhance, speed up, or change how the game is played.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game full of secrets, puzzles, dangerous adventures, and countless glitches. Not long after the launch of BOTW, players began discovering these glitches, and some help players beat the game, while others glitch horses through the ground and are more silly than useful. Players continue to discover new secrets that break the mechanics of BOTW for a unique gaming experience.

Performing the best BOTW glitches in the game will take some practice and an adept understanding of the controls. The glitches range from quick and easy, to incredibly complex, like the method used for obtaining Breath of the Wild’s impossible chest. However, like that particular chest, the reward for performing the glitches is occasionally very underwhelming. Still, many of them are at least fun, so players may want to try them out.

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